Our Advantages

Accessible Professionals

Tell us what you need. We won’t just listen, we’ll pay attention.

Efficient Services

We combine quality and speed to meet deadlines and specifications.

Specific Solutions

Why have the same as others when you can have what’s right for you?

Quick Support

Need help? Get help.
That’s what we’re here for.


Truly, Jen Yockey and everyone at the Keel group. I had two calls for weddings this week and both booked after going to my website and getting all the information they needed! I didn't even have a phone conversation with them! Thank you for creating such a wonderful site for my customers!

Our Mission

The Keel Group was created to fill a void in the Internet services industry. Most companies offer only complex and/or expensive solutions, which leaves little option for small/medium business owners.

We offer our clients an honest and thorough assessment of their current situation and actionable suggestions to drive more traffic and business to their website.

Website Design, Web Management, Social media, SEO and email marketing are our expertise and we will offer only services you absolutely need. We are happy to improve upon your current strategy or start from scratch.

Our clients rave that we are growing their businesses by continually being “in front” of their customers, without being intrusive.

The Best of Professionals

  • Jennifer, Co-Owner | President
    I am the co-owner and President of The Keel Group. My day to day tasks vary, but ultimately I'm responsible for the operation of the company: Blogging, Social Media Management, Website Optimization, Sales, Client relations and occasionally, taking out the trash. I'm very proud of the people I work with. Their dedication to the company, our mission and to our clients is truly inspirational.
  • Jay, Business Development
    Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships. I am fortunate to consult, in this capacity, with Jennifer, The Keel Group and their client base in order for all to achieve their business goals.