Just because you don’t have a Dunkin’ Donuts or Zappos.com-sized marketing budget doesn’t mean you can’t adapt their best Facebook marketing strategies. PostRocket, which helps companies optimize their Facebook campaigns, recently analyzed successful big-business marketing tactics and brand-building that any small business can use.

Outsmart the Facebook Algorithm

First, look to Taco Bell. Whatever you think of their Doritos Locos tacos, they “get” Facebook, said Mike Maghsoudi, PostRocket’s co-founder.

“Seriously, Taco Bell should be what everyone else aspires to be on Facebook,” he blogged.Particularly praise-worthy: That they relate their brand to current events. On election day, for example, they posted a photo of anAmerican flag and the words “I voted,” all made out of sauce packets.

“A text-post about the election or a photo of the American flag wouldn’t have resonated with Taco Bell’s fans nearly as much as the photo they posted,” wrote Maghsoudi.

The brand also does a stand-up job paying attention to changes in Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm, which rules what is displayed and how high it appears in the News Feed. Thanks to recent changes, text posts are surprisingly effective, and Taco Bell nodded to that when it posted an offer for a free taco in text-only, as opposed to with a photo. (Click here to read how to get the right mix of Facebook posts.)

Utilize the Cover Photo

Maghsoudi said Dunkin Donuts’ strategy is particularly effective, using the real estate to engage fans.

The company asks fans to use a page app to submit photos of themselves enjoying Dunkin Donuts products, and then picks a “Fan of the Week.” The winner’s photo appears in the cover photo space—and could also appear in the company’s Times Square billboard. (OK, maybe a Times Square billboard is out of your budget, but are there other creative places you could display a Fan of the Week photo?)

“It’s a simple—but incredibly smart—concept,” wrote Maghsoudi, noting that the company uses its prime real estate both to engage fans and promote new products. (Here’s how to improve your Facebook cover photo.)

Social Media: Respond With Ease and Wit

Do customer service the Zappos.com way. The company is famous for it, and that’s clear with its Facebook strategy. They respond to every single wall post a fan makes—“quickly and with personality,” noted Maghsoudi.

Source: Courtney Rubin
Image Source: Getty Images

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