Social analysts and marketers are learning that men and women gravitate toward different social platforms. For instance, men make up 84 percent of Reddit users, while women are more drawn to Pinterest, taking up an 82 percent of its online presence.

For marketers, this means that just mounting a social platform is no longer enough. Now, in addition to choosing the platform best suited to their content, marketers need to sharpen their sense of who’s visiting those sites.

Marketers would benefit from understanding the difference between the social-media habits of men and women. This year, The Next Web broke down the results of a Porter-Novelli study of the social media habits of 10,000 Europeans. The highlights:

  • Women are more active in social media than men: 65 percent of females take part, vs. 51 percent of males.
  • Women in the U.K. are most likely to “friend” or “follow” a brand: 64 percent vs. 56 percent of men in that country.
  • Men are more likely than women to post status updates: 45 percent of U.K. men, vs. roughly a third of U.K. women.
  • Men are more into blogs than women: Of the digitally active respondents, 54 percent of men read blogs, compared to 46 percent of women.

In the United States, some social platforms are heavily favored by one sex over the other. A recent infographic by DigitalFlashNYC lays out how social-media platforms rank with which each gender. Besides Reddit, the guys rule Google+ (71 percent) and LinkedIn (63 percent); women dominate two of the biggest social platforms – Twitter (64 percent) and Facebook (58 percent).

So basically, a man is more likely to link to this post from LinkedIn, while a woman is more likely to highlight it in Facebook.

The most important revelation from this infographic: Women account for 99 million more visits per month to social networking sites than men.

Source: Rob Medich, senior writer, iCrossing

Image Source: Tumblr via Rob Medich


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